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Improviser, composer, songwriter, instrument builder, acoustic ecologist, or recording engineer; it is all part of a process: to put an idea into sound. The tool one needs could be a bassoon, a soldering iron, a computer program, a screwdriver, a microphone, a pencil and paper, a rehearsal, or even a good long walk. All are equally valuable methods in achieving beautiful, interesting, humorous, questioning or any other kind of sound world that expresses something meaningful and worthwhile.

Professional Summary

C o r   F u h l e r, described by the ABC as ‘A Modern Day Renaissance Man’, is an interdisciplinary eclectic musician, improviser, composer, sound artist, multi instrumentalist, instrument builder, inventor, visual artist, researcher and scholar whose practice crosses into installation, visual art, dance, puppetry, comic strip, music theatre and site-specific performance. He is a conservatorium trained pianist, guitarist and experimental electronics player, and is renowned for his pioneering extended piano techniques and his invention the keyolin, a hybrid violin and piano. He often functions as axle between various art forms: he has written scripts, choreographies and music for theatre, radio plays, dance and puppetry. Cor has a preference for juxtaposing old and new technologies (from super 8 film to the latest digital software) and he has composed for ethnic instruments, western instruments, self built devices and various electronic media. In his work, he puts a strong emphasis on awareness of acoustic and visual phenomena at a specific time and place.

Born 1964 in the Netherlands in a multi-cultural family (he is partly Romani), after travelling and since 2010 living in Australia, Cor is influenced by several creative cultures. He took his first lessons on organ at the age of 10, but disillusioned by the complete lack of understanding from his teachers (he mostly changed compositions and instruments to his personal preference), he soon became autodidact. Again disillusioned, but now by his own lack of instrumental technique and general knowledge, in 1983 he decided to go to the highly esteemed Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam to study piano and teaching methodology (his main teachers were Nico Langenhuijsen - piano and Misha Mengelberg - composition). During this time he spent much of his time in libraries, museums and on his bicycle in order to avoid musical tunnel vision. After finishing his studies in 1989, a year earlier than planned, he travelled around in Indonesia and went back to his natural state of following his own intuition. Since then he has been the artistic leader of his own ensembles (e.g., Corkestra, Wayang Detective, Fuhler/Bennink/de Joode, Cortet and solo), he toured internationally (Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, etc.) and released over 50 CDs, mostly with his own works and artistic concepts.

After a two-year research period Cor attained his PhD in composition in 2016 at the University of Sydney (with supervision by composer Damien Ricketson) and is now an active researcher with special interest in the relationship improvisation-composition, compositional multiplicity, corporeal kinetic installations, Fluxus, magic and mystery in art, and acoustic ecology. In 2017 he published his book Disperse and Display (which demonstrates a holistic approach to his research on modular compositional techniques and extended instrumental techniques) and he started working at the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music; here he partly lectures composition, improvisation and ensemble as well as marks composition students’ essays. In 2018 Cor started a position as senior lecturer in sound and creative media studies at the SAE Creative Media Institute in Sydney.

"Sun Ra, Braxton, Mengelberg: in their different ways each is a genius at organizing organic, half-composed, half-improvised group music. Theirs are big footprints to walk in, but Cor Fuhler has big shoes of his own."

Corkestra liner notes, Kevin Whitehead


"With dizzying variety, spectacular group interplay, and writing that astounds from start to finish, this one is a winner and has rocketed to the top of my recommended list."

Corkestra review, Michael Rosenstein *One Final Note: Jazz and Improvised Music Webzine


"All in all, a superbly varied and ridiculously creative piece of work, strongly recommended."

Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic Magazine (Corkestra review)


“The music is intelligent, but not intellectual; humorous, but not out for effect…..Fuhler is supported by the best collaborative rhythm section in Dutch jazz at present: bassist Wilbert de Joode and drummer Han Bennink. This is music where idiosyncratic fantasy runs rampant.“

LS, Jazz News.


"Cor Fuhler has created a series of idiosyncratic and highly individual soundscapes, as convincing a case for prepared piano as you are likely to hear."
John Eyles l All about jazz l April 2007

"Even among his countrymen--raging iconoclasts like Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, and Willem Breuker--Dutch keyboardist Cor Fuhler is a maverick. Conflating styles and disemboweling traditions, he takes the art of improvisation well beyond the playing." Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader, 2000.



Areas of expertise

  • Improvisation

  • Composition (aleatoric music/the open work)

  • Jazz

  • Piano - extended techniques

  • Instrument building

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Electro-acoustic music

  • Acoustic ecology

  • Post-production

  • Ethnomusicology


Work experience

  • Produced/edited/mixed/mastered over 50 CDs, of which 30 as ensemble leader or co-leader, with own compositions.

  • Performed on most continents at major festivals (North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, London Jazz Festival, Melbourne Jazz Festival, etc.) with his own ensembles: Corkestra, Cortet, trio Fuhler-Bennink-de Joode, the Flirts, solo (piano, keyolin or analogue electronics).

  • Senior Lecturer at SAE Creative Media Institute, Sydney, 2018 - present

  • Casual Academic at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, 2017 - present

  • Casual Lecturer at Conservatorium of Music, UTAS (University of Tasmania), Hobart, 2017

  • Curator of Parallel Collisions at MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Sydney, 2016/17

  • Music tutor (jazz ensemble) at Abbotsleigh School, Wahroonga, NSW, 2016

  • Grant, Australia Council for the Arts, for touring and recording with Splinter Orchestra, 2016 

  • Research Scholarship Award, University of Sydney, 2014 - 2016

  • Grant, Australia Council for the Arts, for the creation and recording of new work with Truancy, 2013

  • Composition grants during 20 consecutive years, Dutch Arts Council, 1992 - 2012

  • Lecturing and teaching - Princeton University, School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, West Coast Conservatory of Music Vancouver, Dutch Impro Academy, Salamanca Arts Institute (Hobart), etc.

  • Artistic co-director Doek Foundation including the annual international Doek Festival, 2001-2012

  • Boardmember of the Arts Council for composition in the Netherlands, 2002-2008

  • Co-curator of the weekly electronic improvisation series ‘Kraakgeluiden’ in Amsterdam, 2000-2006

  • Treasurer and chairman of the official Improvising Musicians Union (BIM) in the Netherlands, 1998-2002

  • ‘Wayang Kancil’, educational shadow puppet program about gamelan music and Indonesian culture, 1994-1996

  • SMA (Music School Foundation), Amsterdam, the Netherlands - piano teacher, 1987


  • PhD - music composition, University of Sydney, 2013 - 2016

  • Masters in teaching and piano (improvising music) - Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam, 1983-1989

Professional affiliations

  • AMC - Represented artist Australian Music Centre


  • AFAE - Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology

  • BOSTES Teacher Accreditation - NSW Education Standards Authority

  • WWCC

Recent Publications


  • Fuhler, C., (2017), Disperse and Display, Structural Strategies for Modular Approaches in Compositional and Instrumental Practice, Conundrom Press, Australia.

Book Chapters

  • Fabian, D., Napier, J., (2018), Diversity in Australia's Music: Themes past, present and for the future, chapter 15, Splinter at Mungo, The Art of Communication, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK.

Conference Publications

  • Fuhler, C., (2016), Splinter at Mungo: The Art of Communication (research paper), Sonic Environments :: ACMC, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, Brisbane.

  • Fuhler, C., (2016), A Filter of Noise: The Piano as Installation (performance/installation), Sonic Environments :: ACMC, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, Brisbane.

  • Fuhler, C., (2015), The Partaking Piano: Expanding Concert Practice Through Electronic Actuation. 38th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia: Musical Dialogues, 49, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney.


Self Published Articles​

  • Fuhler, C., (2017), Choreographic Music Performance, Connecting with Place, self-published, Sydney.

  • Fuhler, C., (2017), Music and Sound Design in Open-Air: finding a balance between man-made and environmental, self-published, Sydney.

  • ​Fuhler, C., (2016), New Techniques, New Instruments: juxtaposition, modification and design, self-published, Sydney.

  • Fuhler, C., (2016), The Modular Work: a practical guide and manual for assemblage, self-published, Sydney.

  • Fuhler, C., (2016), The Partaking Piano, Extended Perspectives: motivations behind customizing, self-published, Sydney

  • Fuhler, C., (2015), From Couch to Venue: the process of incorporating a new technique into your musical practice, self-published, Sydney.

Creative Works  (selection)

  • Fuhler, C., Delius, T., van der Schyff, D., (2019). Delius - Fuhler - vd Schyff, Fietstour. [Digital Album] WhirrbooM! Records, Vancouver BC, Canada.

  • Fuhler, C., etc all, (2017), Splinter Orchestra, SiteWorks at Bundanon, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., Avenaim, R., Nakamura, T., (2017) FAN, FAN, CD Download release, SoundOut Recordings 004, Canberra.

  • Fuhler, C., (2017) Solo Upright, Cor Fuhler Solo Piano, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, TAS.

  • Fuhler, C., (2017) ‘Lucky I am Not’, installation, NOW now Festival, Redfern, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., Denley, J., Zach, I., Herbert, M., (2017), Fuhler/Denley/Zach/Herbert, NOW now Festival, Redfern, NSW.

  • Fuhler. C., (2016), The Keyolin, part of Jon Rose’s exhibition at Carriageworks, Sydney, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., et al, (2016) Splinter Orchestra, Mungo, Triple CD release, Splitrec label, Australia.

  • Fuhler, C., Cohen, M., Cohen, T., Molino, K., Brown-McLeod, J., (2016), The Bundanon Medieval, (science/art project), Siteworks, Bundanon, NSW

  • Fuhler, C., (2016), Listening Forrest (installation), Tyalgum Music Festival 2016, Tyalgum, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., Butler, G., (2016), Gary Butler/Cor Fuhler, Gary Butler & Cor Fuhler, Live Groove Cafe, Leichardt, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., Herbert, M., (2016), Fuhler/Herbert, Alpha Waves #8, Erskinville, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., Altman, L., (2016), Threshold Poetry, NOWnow Series Edition II,  107 Projects, Redfern, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., (2016), Lady Bell and the Rules of Lawn Bowling, installation, Sizzle 2016, Ensemble Offspring, Petersham Bowling Club, Petersham.

  • Fuhler, C., Denley, J., Stewart, B., Osborne, T., Farrar, P., (2016), TQM4F1, TQM4F1, Bohemian Grove / Lamps, Surry Hills, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., Cooper, C., (2016), Picket, Live at Peggy’s, Peggy Glanville Hicks House, Paddington, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., Altman, L., (2016), Threshold Poetry, Alpha Waves #5,  Alpha Waves Gallery, Erskinville, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., Denley, J., Stewart, B., Osborne, T., Farrar, P., (2016), TQM4F1, TQM4F1, Tectonics Adelaide, Adelaide Festival of Arts, 2016.

  • Fuhler, C., et all, (2016), Air Hockey, Microphony, Splinter Orchestra, Tectonics Adelaide, Adelaide Festival of Arts 2016.

  • Fuhler, C., Rapp, M., Cosseron, G., (2016), Rapp/Cosseron/Fuhler, Rapp/Cosseron/Fuhler, Soundout Festival 2016, Canberra.

  • Fuhler, C., (2016), The Rules of Lawn Bowling, installation, In Retrospect, 15 years of Splinter Orchestra, NOW now Festival 2016, Sydney.

  • Fuhler, C., et all, (2016), Splinter Orchestra, In Retrospect, 15 years of Splinter Orchestra, NOWnow Festival 2016, Sydney.

  • Fuhler, C., (2016), van Reyk, B., Reyk/Fuhler duo, Day two of the NOW now Festival, NOW now Festival 2016, Sydney

  • Fuhler, C., (2015), Poisonic Doctors, Ensemble Offspring, Musify+Gamify, Vivid Festival 2015, Seymour Centre, Sydney.

  • Fuhler, C., Farrar, P., Gorfinkel, D., (2015), Scordatura Angels, Boxcutters Presents, Boxcutters, Newtown, NSW.

  • Hayward, R., Matsumura, S., Thomas, C., Fuhler, C., (2015), Hayward/Matsumura/Thomas/Fuhler, Hayward - Matsumura - Thomas - Fuhler, Old Darlington School, Darlington, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., (2015), Stones Park, 3 Fables, Giwalo Strips I, Wahroonga, Australia.

  • Fuhler, C., (2015), Usbaël & Usbaïm, Looking for the True Meaning. Giwalo Strips II, Wahroonga, Australia.

  • Fuhler, C., (2015), Cordially Yours (installation and performance), On Paper, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW.

  • Fuhler, C., (2014), Tinderbox, Hatched, Ensemble Offspring, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Workshop.

  • Fuhler, C., (2014), Empty Gizzards, Hatched, Ensemble Offspring, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Workshop.

  • Fuhler, C., (2014), Jump, Jump, NIMA, Newcastle; Hibernian House, Level 4, Sydney; Foundry 616, Jazzgroove, Sydney.

  • Fuhler, C., (2014), Please Shoot my Hovercraft, Recital Anna McMichael & Zubin Kanga, ABC Radio, Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, Bendigo VIC; Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Workshop, NSW; Mona Foma Festival, Hobart, TAS.

  • Fuhler, C., Denley, J., (2014), Truancy - Denley/Fuhler, Truancy, CD/LP release, Splitrec Label, Australia.

  • Fuhler, C., Denley, J., (2014) Truancy (performance), Splitrec Promotion Tour, MIUC, Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC; Sounding Off, Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide, SA; Upstairs@199, Brisbane, QLD; Smith’s Alternative Bookshop, Canberra, ACT; Peoples Republic of Camperdown, Sydney, NSW; Turra New Music, Ellington’s, Perth, WA.

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  • Johnson, H., Fuhler, C., (2011), Johnson/Fuhler piano duet, Johnson - Fuhler, !!!!Festival of Adventurous Music, Kenneth Meyers Centre, Wellington, New Zealand.

Cor has worked with:

George Lewis

Jon Rose

Evan Parker

Otomo Yoshihide

Roswell Rudd

Sonic Youth

Keith Rowe

Kahimi Karie

Janine Jansen

Jim O'Rourke

Frances Marie Uiti

John Tilbury

Christian Marclay

Louis Moholo Moholo

John Zorn

Miya Masaoka

Richard Barrett

Leo 'Wadada' Smith

Michel Waisvisz

Sylvie Courvoisier

Dalian Peking Opera Troupe

Alvin Curran

Jean Jacques Avenel

Eyvind Kang

Peter Evans

Mario Schiano

Tim Hodgkinson

Ernst Reijseger

Tomoko Mukaiyama

Peter Farrar

Lol Coxhill

Bonnie Stewart

Jennifer Callaway

Jim Denley

Bree van Reyk

Paul Lovens

Martha Colburn

Guus Janssen

Peggy Lee

Carolyn Connors

Sachiko M.

Getatchew Mekuria

Lindsay Cooper

Ute Wasserman

Masako Noguchi

Han Bennink

Barbara Lüneburg

David Moss

Claron McFadden

Laura Altman

Marcio Mattos

Wil Offermans

Fred Longberg-Holm

Lee Ranaldo

Anna Zaradny

Marko Ciciliani

Martin Ng

Paul Lyton

Scott Tinkler

Le quan Ninh

Nate Wooley

Irene Kepl

Lucas Abela

Clous van Mechelen

Anna McMichael

John Butcher

Simon Nabatov

Sean Bergin

Michael Moore

Yoshikazu Iwamoto

Michael Zerang

Newton Armstrong

Christof Kurzman

Alex Waterman

Steve Heather

Elsje Plantema

Esther Apituley

Thurston Moore

Phil Minton

Curtis Clarke

Gerard Crewdson

Amanda Stewart

Rhodri Davies

Erkki Veltheim

Monica Brooks

I Wayan Sadra

Steamboat Switzerland

Clayton Thomas

Taku Unami

Frank Gratkowski

Adama Dramé

Mike Majkowski

Toumani Diabete

Robbie Avenaim

Romy Caen

Misha Mengelberg

Kaffe Matthews

Pat Thomas

Betsey Biggs

 Ko Ishikawa

Willem van Manen

Claire Edwardes

Jeff Henderson

Mary Oliver

Tom Rainey

Peggy Larson

Sabine Vogel

Ab Baars

Fred Frith

Jodi Gilbert

Jeb Bishop

Kevin Drumm

Dale Gorfinkel

Ikue Mori

Christine Sehnaoui Abdelnour

Ken Vandermark

Peter Blamey

Clare Cooper

Axel Dörner

Zeena Parkins

Tetuzi Akiyama

Felicity Provan

Mark Dresser

Sinta Wullur

Xavier Charles

Hermione Johnson

David Dramm

Robin Hayward

Günter 'Baby' Sommer

Gamelan Ensemble Widosari

Tobias Delius

Steve Beresford

Katie Duck

Thomas Lehn

Jaap Blonk

Joe Williamson

Herb Robertson

Sally Ann McIntyre

Marcus Schmickler

Paul Cutlan

Jeremy Rose

Toshimaru Nakamura

Vincent Chancey

Hamid Drake

Thomas Ankersmit

Chris Abrahams

Paul Termos

Burkard Stangl

Michael Schumacher

Yannis Kyriakides

Whan Zhenting

Maurice Horsthuis

Phil Durrant

Michael Vatcher

Gert-Jan Prins

Tony Buck

KK Null

Aart Gisolf

Peter Rehberg

Oren Marshall

Cat Hope

Qiu Ji-zheng

Mats Gustafsson

Voice Crack

Peter Brötzman

Bob Ostertag

Sean Baxter

Anne LaBerge

Andy Moor

David Brown

Rene van Barneveld

Martin van Duynhoven

Scott Smallwood

Christian Fennesz

Aleks Kolkowski

Herr Seele

Wang Hong

Oren Ambarchi

Maarten Altena

Mark Feldman

Tristan Honsinger

Jacq Palinckx

Kim Myhr

Han Buhrs

Damien Ricketson

Holly Conner

Brendan Walls

Norbert Müslang

Peter van Bergen

Luc Houtkamp

Joost Buis

Wilbert de Joode

Hans Koch

Guylaine Cosseron

Thomas Heberer

Johnny Engels

Nate McBride

Gunda Gottschalk

Wolter Wierbos

Nick Haywood

Jerome Noetinger

John Korsrud

Paul Koek

Tatsuja Nakatani

Chad Taylor


Günter Müller

Paal Nilssen-Love

Mike Reed

Dan Trueman

Peter Jaquemyn

the Ex




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