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Starting on a transistor based Eminent organ, Cor has played electronic keyboards for most of his life. He has played synths, organs, clavinets, pianets, samplers, cheap toys, etc. In the 1990s he focused on the digital FM based DX7 in the avant garde rock band 'Palinckx' and finally, around 1998, he bought an EMS Synthi AKS. Since then he has added a whole range of self built controllers, either computer based or purely mechanical. He has played the EMS either solo, in MIMEO (Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra), or in the electronic duo 'the Flirts' with Gert-Jan Prins.

Tulip Creek, from the album the Flirts by Cor Fuhler and Gert-Jan Prins, 2001, on Erstwhile Records, USA.

Cor in a duo with Thomas Ankersmit during 'Kraakgeluiden', a weekly electronic series in Amsterdam which he co-curated (with Anne LaBerge and Steve Heather) between 2000 and 2006.

Three self made additions to the EMS a hand controlled mechanical 'connector', a machine controlled connector and a computer based controller for 64 preset patches.

Christian Fennesz - Cor Fuhler - Gert-Jan Prins - Peter Rehberg, live during AMPLIFY 2004 festival in Cologne, Germany.

The NIGLO 1, a self built analogue synth, using mostly AS modules, with computer controlled patch matrix.

Whistlelight is a solo album on EMS Synthi AKS, from 2004 and re-released on Vicmod Records in 2011. Click the picture for the bandcamp page.

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