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Aside from his own groups, Cor has been asked to compose for existing chamber ensembles for over 30 years. He has created pieces for large groups (Riciotti symphony orchestra, DKBigBand, etc), however, he prefers the culture of intimate chamber music, such as the MAE and the Nieuw Ensemble in Holland and Ensemble Offspring in Australia, in which there is room for collaboration, communication, fun and sharing. Cor often incorporates improvisation and open form, thus giving  the musicians a substantial input in the outcome.

Now: just finished a string quartet (vln, vln, vla, vlc), and working on a vibraphone solo piece for percussionist Bree van Reyk.



- Lady Bell and the Rules of Lawn Bowling, installation

- The Rules of Lawn Bowling, installation



- Poisonic Doctors, Ensemble Offspring

- Love is Statistic Static - piano, radio & couch

- Scordatura Angels al Dente - guitar and vibrators

- Angle your Tune & Tune your Angle - guitar and vibrators



- Tinderbox , Ensemble Offspring

- Empty Gizzards, Ensemble Offspring

- Coppice Valley - piano



- Convexcone - Splinter Orchestra

- Wag - Truancy

- Skive - Truancy

- Please Shoot my Hovercraft - violin and piano

- When Betty met Boop - Ensemble Offspring

- 18 Spoonfuls - violin & piano

Poisonic Doctors, for Ensemble Offspring. Live at the Seymour Centre in Sydney during the Vivid 2015 Festival.


Cor has been supported by the Arts Council of the Netherlands (Fonds PodiumKunsten - the main funding organisation for composition) consistently since 1992 via commissions and since 2000 until 2012 on renewed 3 year grants based on consistent outstanding artistic output.


* Carduelis Carduelis,  (own group 1989-96)  – 30 compositions written over 5 years, numerous performances in the Netherlands.

* Fuhler-Bennink-de Joode  – 2 cds, 15 compositions, tours in Canada and most of Europe.

* Cortet (2005)  - own quartet with Rhodri Davis (harp) , John Butcher (saxophone) and Thomas Lehn (analogue synth) , 1 cd own works, performances in Holland and France.

* the Flirts, 2000 (duo of analogue electronics with Gert-Jan Prins), performances in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe.

* Corkestra, 2002-20012  (9 piece band – own compositions, 2 cds, 40 pieces), Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Holland. Germany etc.

* Wayang Detective, shadowpuppet performances and national tour, 1996, for gamelan ensemble and improvisers (for which he wrote both the libretto and the music).

* Ensemble MAE (former Maarten Altena Ensemble), commissioned 6 pieces over 15 years.  Pieces covered various themes (Ives, Satie, Perotinus, Cardew, Fats Waller)

* Nieuw Ensemble, commissioned work involving classical contemporary musicians and non-western improvisors, 2000

* ICP orchestra, 3 separate compositions and performed together with the group in Holland, Belgium etc.

* David Kweksilber Big Band, composition 2011

* Insomnio ensemble, commissioned work, 2004

* Trio 7090, commissioned 2 works, 2008 and 2009

* Ensemble Offspring, four commissioned works, 2012 - 2015

* violin soloist Janine Janssen, 2002

* violinist Anna McMichael, 3 works, soundtrack and works for Port Fairy Music Festival and Mona Foma Festival, cd 2012/2013

* piano duo Post and Mulder, commissioned work for two pianos, 2007

* pianist Guy Livingston, commissioned work performed internationally on most continents and dvd, 2007 (see below)

The score and the Youtube clip for Hang On, a one minute piece for piano and three magnets, performed by Guy Livingston.

Dozijn - Cor Fuhler (Janine Jansen - violin)
00:00 / 00:00

Beasts Eating Chives, (after Charles Ives), for ensemble MAE, 2005; and the Onyfad, for MAE ensemble plus myself, analogue electronics, 2008.

Douchegordijn (Shower Curtain), for viola and double bass, 2008.

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