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Scores of some of my pieces (under constant construction)

Convexcone - for large ensemble of any configuration, 2014.

Doze(n) - object with 12 modified music boxes and instructions: 

"Choose one out of the twelve combinations below, wind the corresponding music-boxes up only slightly (via a single hand movement, top to the right), close your eyes, and wait until all three boxes have finished completely. No more than three music boxes simultaneously."

Dozijn - violin solo, written for Janine Jansen, 2002 (my handwritten score, for an official one, contact Donemus).

Love is Statistic Static, suite for piano, radio and optional couch, consists of six parts, five radio intermissions, and a coda. The parts are played in any order with radio intermissions in between, functioning as musical bridge to enable preparation of the piano for the following part. Depending on the strategie of to choose the order of the parts, one can start with radio as intro. After all parts and radio intermissions are played, the coda follows. The parts:

A Tripolar String of Affairs - Latitudinarian at First Sight - Butterflies in my Laboratory Hiccuped AquariumMy Graph is Bleeding - Puppy Math - Andante Heartbeatissimo (= coda)

Shower Caps Lock - for String Quartet (vln, vln, vla, vlc), 2016.

Poisonic Doctors - for Ensemble Offspring, 2015, afl, cl, as, bcl, rhythm box/casio

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