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Cor also plays/has played many other instruments, such as, trumpet, gamelan instruments, turntables, accordion, harmonium, singing bowls, melodica, etc.

Ladrang Jam Hujan - Cor Fuhler
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Ladrang Jam Hujan, from 1992, was created via dubbing in all instruments by Cor himself. 

Cor, pictured above on rebab (2-string violin) with gamelan ensemble 'Widosari', and on gong with the Nieuw Ensemble. Siter, a string instrument plucked with the thumbs, was Cor's main intrument in gamelan. Mostly Cor played Mangkunegaran-style traditional music, but also contemporary pieces, such as by Balinese composer I Wayan Sadra. Widosari toured in Europe as well as performed 'Wayang Revolusi' in Java.

Cor's turntable quartet playing his Doorgedraaid, string quartet nr4, min A, live at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

More Gauze - DJ Cor Blimey
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Cor loves melodicas. Here presented on a bed of trumpets (Cor studied trumpet as his second instrument at the conservatorium in Amsterdam), and below with his jazz trio.

Tschon - Fuhler - Bennink - de Joode
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Cor's setup during Splinter Orchestra's 5 hour long concert at the NOWnow 2016 festival: turntables with automated singing bowls, insides of a toy piano, kalimbas, gramophone soundboxes and various bells.

Middengolf - Cor Fuhler
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Middengolf was performed on Cor's own modified harmonium in 1993, Cologne, during a tour with John Zorn. He also performed this instrument in Guus Janssen's 2000 opera Hier as part of the Chinese Dalian Peking Opera Troupe.

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