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Cor uses an array of materials for his installations: fishing rods, singing bowls, computer controlled turntables with 'spoken word' LPs, pianos, altered music boxes, vibrators, springs, buzzing guitars, pendulum organs, etc. Aside the visual aspects, Cor focusses on musical stochastic processes, 'instant poetry' and hovering harmonies.

The Rules of Lawn Bowling at the NOW now Festival 2016, Tempe Jets Sports Club, Sydney  (filmed by Gary Warner).

Lady Bell and the rules of Lawn Bowling in action at the Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney.

Listening Forrest, at the Tyalgum Music Festival 2016

Doek Festival Installation - Fuhler/Heather
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Installation by Steve Heather and myself, using grand piano with ebows, EMS synth, and a dozen string instruments played by a giant turning wheel, Amsterdam, 2005.

Monster vs Rabbit, (mixed media and sound track) as part of Splinterverse, during the NOW now Festival, 2018, Project 107, Redfern, Sydney.

Radio and Kitchen Lighters, as part of Splinterverse, during the NOW now Festival, 2018, Redfern, Sydney.

A Mbira played by three vibrators.

My 'Instant Poetry' setup as addition to the Splintstallation by the Splinter Orchestra at Articulate Project Space, 2017 in Sydney. Three old school turntables with spoken-word LPs, controlled by a small arduino computer turning them on and off, thus creating random sentences.

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