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Cor has managed his own bands and ensembles since his teenage years. During his time at the 'Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam' (1983-1989) he led the Cor Fuhler trio (with Martin van Duynhoven - drums and Jan Hans Berg - bass), the chamber group 'Awake at Sea' (with viola, marimba, guitar and bass) and a duo with flautist Wil Offermans. After his graduation he set up the sextet Carduelis Carduelis, which explored different strategies for improvisation and composition in the vein of contemporary classical aleatoric music. He wrote the script and music for Wayang Detective, a performance with gamelan, improvisers and shadow puppets, he started the Cortet, het Kabinet, the Flirts, PPP5 and Pluk, but most importanly, the jazz based trio Fuhler-Bennink-de Joode (since 1995) and the Corkestra (since 2000). Since moving to Australia in 2010 he initiated Truancy (with Jim Denley) and Jump (a quartet with trumpetter Ken Allars), became a member of the Splinter Orchestra, and is curently working on a number of new collaborations.

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