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1994    Palinckx - the Naked G from Tilburg, Vonk (NL, Netherlands)


1995    Cor Fuhler  solo piano - 7CC IN IO, GeestGronden (NL)


1995    Kenvermogen - Kenvermogen, KV (NL)


1996    Palinckx - Border, Live in Zürich, IntaktCd (Switzerland)


1996    Palinckx - The Psychedelic Years, Vonk (NL)


1997    Tomoko Mukaiyama - Hello Pop Tart, SaprophoneMusic (UK)


1998    Fuhler / Bennink / de Joode -  Bellagram, GeestGronden (NL)


1999    Monitor trio (Moore, Honsinger, Fuhler) - Monitor, BTL (Germany)


1999    MIMEO - MIMEO, PerditionPlastics (USA)


1999    DJ Cor Blimey and his Pigeon - 10 Songs in 62 Min and 23 sec, ConundromCd (NL/Australia)


1999    MIMEO - Electric Chair & Table, Grob (Germany)


2000    Strung (John Rose) - Strung, Sublingual (USA)


2001    Gert-Jan Prins / Cor Fuhler - the Flirts, Erstwhile Records (USA)


2002    Fuhler / Bennink / de Joode - Tinderbox, Datarecords (NL)


2002    Monitor trio - Air street, BTL (Germany)


2002    Mimeo / John Tilbury - The Hands of Caravaggio, Erstwhile Records (USA)


2004    Corkestra - Corkestra, Datarecords (NL)


2004    Joost Buis’ Astronotes - Astronotes, Datarecords (NL)


2004    Dörner / Fuhler / Noetinger - Moov Spot, MusicaGenera (Poland)


2004    Mimeo - Lifting Concrete Lightly, SerpentineGallery (UK)


2004    2nd Outlet (Houtkamp/Fuhler/Blume) - Burnt Sienna, Nuscope (USA)


2004    Michael Schumacher meets.... - Triple Dutch, Data Images DVD (NL)


2005    the Cortet - HHHH, Unsounds (NL)


2005    Simon Nabatov Octet - A Few Incidences, LEO Records (Switzerland)


2005    Blonk / Fuhler - Pre-Zoic Cellways, Kontrans (NL)


2005    Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra - Out to Lunch, Doubtmusic (Japan)


2005    Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra - ONJO, Doubtmusic (Japan)


2006    Cor Fuhler - Stengam, Potlatch (France)


2006    Getatchew Mekuria & the Ex & Friends - Moa Anbessa, Terp/ExMusic (NL)


2007    Buck / Fuhler / Zaradny - Lighton,  MusicaGenera (Poland)


2007    Mimeo - Sight, Cathnor (UK)


2007    Rowe/Fuhler, the Culprit, 7hings (UK)


2008    Mats Gustafsson / Cor Fuhler - Split LP series #3, Narrominded (NL)


2011    Corkestra - the Gas Station Sessions, Platenbakkerij (NL)


2011    Mimeo - Wigry, double LP Bolt/Monotype (Poland)


2011    Anne La Berge - Speak, NewWorldRec (USA)


2012    Getatchew Mekuria & the Ex & Friends - Y’Anbessaw Tezeta, TerpRec (NL)


2014    Jim Denley / Cor Fuhler - Truancy, Splitrec (Australia)

2016    Splinter Orchestra - Mungo, (triple CD) Splitrec (Australia)

2017    FAN (Fuhler - Avenaim - Nakamura) -  FAN. SoundOut 004 (Australia)

2019    Delius, Fuhler, van der Schyff - Fietstour. Digital Album, WhirrbooM! Records, Vancouver BC



Compilation Albums


1997    Maarten Altena Ensemble - Muziekpraktijk CV69, Donumus


2000    Electro Acoustic Music from the Netherlands, Pem


2002    November Music 2002 (with Christian Marclay & Thomas Lehn) -  NM


2002    24 Capricios for Violin from the Netherlands (Janine Jansen), NM Classics 


2002    Luisterpost Lokaal 01, Lokaal01


2003    Kraakgeluiden - Document 1, Unsounds


2004    MIFIM Compilations (Fuhler/Ambarchi) - Make it up Club 2004, MIUC


2004    The NowNow - Excerpts 2003, Tenzenmen


2007    Guy Livingstone - One Minute More, DVD


2008    Oliver & Heggen - Oh, Ho! , ICP


2013    Anna McMichael & Tamara-Anna Cislowska - Close your eyes and I’ll close mine

            Tall Poppies Records

2014    Anna McMichael - Open Polar Sea, unsounds, Netherlands

2017    Booklet - the 100% rabbit, Jedso Records, Berlin.


My own label, mostly CDr and usually for sale at concerts. Also available from Erstdist in the USA.


ConundromCd 0


A trio with me and Han Bennink and Wilbert de Joode in Utrecht ’98. Nobody showed up but we played a set anyway (for the people working there). It was recorded quite badly as I forgot my dat-machine and we used a simple cassettedeck instead. The recording levels were way off so the whole thing is rather distorted. 


ConundromCd 1

DJ Cor Blimey and his pigeon: 10 songs in 62 minutes and 23 seconds

1999, CD (not CDr). Every songs has a combination of three elements: - one of my keyboards, - a sample from an easy listening tune, and, - a spoken word LP.  It's also about numbers and there is a complicated code all through the cd.


ConundromCd 2


Here the 'real' cdr series start. Me on EMS Synthi AKS, just analogue electronics, no overdubs.

Also available as a download on Vicmod (via Bandcamp: Whistlelight)


ConundromCd 3


A live duo with myself on acoustic piano and Keith Rowe on guitar/electronics.


ConundromCd 4


Solo on acoustic piano, focussing on the keys.

A study in speed and sleep.


ConundromCd 5

TCOD (the Condition of dreaming)

A solo but dubbed in recording on keyolin, prepared cymbalom and transistor organ.

I made this in the same period as above, so it's part of the same study and I added a study in springreverbs.


ConundromCd 6


A live concert with me on piano (+ some primitive amplifiaction and preparations with various speakers inside the piano), Axel Dörner - slide trumpet and Clare Cooper - harp.

This was a study in changing roles: either you are the lightperson in a theatre show or the actor/actress.


ConundromCd 7 

Het Kabinet

A kind of freakshow, seven instruments that do not have a history together at all. An experiment.


ConundromCd 8


Solo on piano, trying to combine the feedback piano with various vibrating machines etc, all within an acoustic domain.


ConundromCd 9


A trio: me simultaneously on two grand pianos and both Robbie Avenaim and Dale Gorfinkel on vibraphones, from 2006


ConundromCd 10


Live from Chicago 2000, a duo with Jim O'Rourke, we both played various instruments: piano, organ, two EMS Synthis, keyolin and computer.


ConundromCd 11


Me, Misha Mengelberg and Michiel Scheen live in the Eusebious church in Arnhem. Swapping between church organ, choir organ, Hammond organ and harmonium. 1997.


ConundromCd 12


A live recording of a piano solo concert in Montpellier, France. A 3 inch mini CDr. 2009.


ConundromCd 13


A series of leftover pieces that all happen to be cyclic. From 1987 till 2005. From piano jazz to gamelan.


ConundromCd 14

Puzzle 2

A series of leftover pieces in the 'serious' composed music area, for various ensembles. From 1991 till 2007.


ConundromCd 15


Live set recorded in Amsterdam. A rather melodic series of pieces for: keyolin, cello, percussion, cymbalom and (bas-)clarinet. From 2005. I wanted to showcase the keyolin on its own terms.

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