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Jan 24 - 28, The NOW now Festival 2018. 107 Projects, Redfern. Splinterverse: installations, artworks, performances by the Splinter Orchestra and guests; 27th: trio with Judith Hamman and Bonnie Lander.


Oktober 6 - 8, trio with Nick Ashwood and Jim Denley, at respectively UTAS, Mona Foma, Salamanca, and soundwalks, all in Hobart, Tassy.

Oktober 1, Splinter Orchestra

September 18 - 23, Splinter Orchestra, Bundanon residency. Performances 23rd (and 24th).

August 27, Splinter and more, at Republic, Sydney.

August 24, Lalala, Sydney. Truancy (me - piano with Jim Denley) and new piece for large group.

July 18 - 31, 'Splintstallation' at Articulate, Leichhardt (Sydney)

April 7, 12pm, Parallel Collisions at MCA

March 30, Hobart, trio with Alf Jackson and Nick Haywood.

March 28th, Hobart, workshops and concert at Salamanca Arts Centre.

March 7, Foundry 616, quartet with Eddie Bronson (saxes)

Feb 22/23 Splinter Orchestra at Down // Under, Chippendale

Feb 14, 12pm, Parallel Collisions at MCA, with Mary Rapp, Jim Denley and Robbie Avenaim.

Jan 19-22, NOW now Festival, at 107 Projects, Redfern, Lucky I Am Not, installation upstairs.

Jan 22, NOW now Festival, Splinter Orchestra

Jan 21, NOW now Festival,Jeff Henderson's 'Not Quite Quit Choir

Jan 20, NOW now Festival, Quartet: Cor Fuhler - piano, Jim Denley - flutes/altosax, - Ingar Zach - percussion, Melany Herbert - violin.


Nov 11, 2pm,  MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Sydney, curating Parallel Collisions.

Okt 27 - 30, Cor's own invention, the keyolin, as part of Jon Rose's Rosenberg Museum at Carriageworks, Sydney.

Okt 13, 7pm MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Sydney, curating Parallel Collisions.

Sept 25, 7pm MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Sydney, curating Parallel Collisions.

Sept 19-24, devising music for The Bundanon Medieval at Siteworks in Bundanon, with Michael Cohen, Katia Molino, Joe Brown McLeod and Denis Beaubois.

Sept 9-11, Listening Forrest, large installation at the Tyalgum Music Festival

Sept 3, Duo Gary Butler/Cor Fuhler, Life Groove Cafe, 7:30 pm, 325b Parramatta Rd, Leichardt.

Sept 2. MCA, 2pm curating Parallel Collisions (with Peter Farrar, Laura Altman and Dale Gorfinkel).

July 24, Splinter Orchestra, 2pm, Winter Soundwalk with Anthony Magan, from Wynyard -> Barangaroo Park, Sydney.

July 21, Melanie Herbert - violin, Cor Fuhler - reed organ, Alpha Waves #8, Erskinville, Sydney.

July 12, Threshold Poetry (Laura Altman - clarinet/Cor Fuhler - EMS Synthi AKS), NOWnow series, project 107, Sydney, 7pm onwards. (Also with: HARD-HAT: Kusum Normoyle, voice / Peter Blamey, drums; QAURTET: Freya Shack-Arnott, cello / Jack Ward, cello / Ben Ward, double bass / Clayton Thomas, double bass)

July 10-11, Presentation of my research paper Splinter at Mungo: The Art of Communication, plus a performance/installation called A Filter of Noise: The Piano as Installation, at the 

Sonic Environments :: ACMC conference, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, Brisbane. 

May 19, TQM4F1, Colbourne Ave, Sydney


April 24th. Lady Bell and the Rules of Lawn Bowling.

Installation at Petersham Bowling Club during Ensemble Offspring's Sizzle 2016.


April 3, Tempe Jets, Splinter Orchestra


March 22, Picket (Cor Fuhler/Clare Cooper), PGH-house


March 18, Threshold Poetry (Cor Fuhler /Laura Altman) Alpha Waves #5


March 4&5, Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide Festival, Tectonics Adelaide

Splinter Orchestra - MicrophonyAir Hockey



Jan 23, Tempe Tets, Splinter Orchestra, 15 years aniversary 5-hour concert

Fuhler - The Rules of Lawn Bowling (installation)


Jan 19, NOWnowFestival 107 Projects, duo: Bree Van Reyk - drums / Cor Fuhler - acoustic guitar


Upcoming events (concerts/performances/installations)

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